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Mac with his Tesla electric roadster.

Dr. Gerald "Mac" McNichols is the CEO of (MC)^2.

Objective: "Help Entrepreneurs Grow" by serving on Board of Directors. Dr. McNichols is a private angel investor and philanthropist with over 40 years experience in management and consulting (including financial management and use of  metrics and performance management techniques). He has been a CEO and acted as an Advisor to the CEO and/or COO of several middle-market companies.                                      



Board Experience:

GRC International, Inc. NYSE, 1999-2000   (Member of Audit Committee) (Acquired by AT&T in 2000)

Analex, Inc. AMEX, 2000-2003  (Chair Audit Committee, Chair Compensation Committee) (Acquired by QinetiQ in 2007)

Project Performance Corporation, Private, 2000-2004 (Acquired by AEA Technologies, plc. in 2008)

Métier Ltd., Private, 2000-2009  (Chairman) 
Ordia Solutions, Inc. Private, 2008-2011 (Chairman) 
AFrame Digital, Inc. Private, 2008-2014 (Chairman)
Arrowhead Global Solutions, Inc. 2005-2007 (Acquired by CapRock in 2007))
NYTOR, Inc. 2007-2009 (Acquired by Wide Area Systems in 2009)  
Wide Area Systems, Inc. Private, 2009-2012
McNichols& McNichols Private, 2000-Present   (Chairman & CEO)

Magicsoft, Inc., Private, 2003-2008 (Acquired by WideAreaSystems in 2008)

McNichols Foundation, Private, 2000-Present  (Chairman & CEO) 

Management Consulting & Research, Inc. Private, 1977-1999 

(Chairman & CEO)  (Acquired by GRC International, Inc. in 1999) 

Columbia Lighthouse for the Blind & Visually Impaired, Charity, 2008-2014

VSA, Charity, 2009-2014

Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts (International Committee), Charity, 2010-Present 

Other: Dr. McNichols has founded several companies, built more than a half dozen, acquired two, sold two, and has served on the Executive Committee of the NextGen Fund II (Venture Capital);  Corporate Advisory Board of The Institute for the Integration of Management and Engineering (TIME) of Case Western Reserve University;Visiting Committee of Case School of Engineering; President of the Rondelay Civic Association; President of the Institute of Cost Analysis; President of the Association of Small, Research & Technology Companies; President of Realty Media, Inc.; Vice President-Administration, and Treasurer of the Military Operations Research Society; Council Member of INFORMS (ORSA); Director, International Society of Parametric Analysts; President, Washington Operations Research Council; Vice-President, GENTECH, Inc.; Special Assistant to the Deputy  Assistant Secretary of Defense (Resource Analysis); Member of Sigma Xi. MCR was honored as an Inc. 500, Washington Fast 50, National 500, and Virginia Fantastic 50 Company. GRCI was an IT Top 100 firm as is AT&T.

            He was commissioned by the Air Force in 1965, and spent four years on the Air Staff before joining the Office of the Secretary of Defense for five years.

            His numerous awards include Lifetime Achievement Award, Society of Cost Estimating & Analysis, 2000; Meritorious Service Award, Case Western Reserve University, 1995; Engineer Alumni Achievement Award, George Washington University, 1989; Frieman Lifetime Achievement Award, International Society of Parametric Analysts, 1990; Induction into the Engineering Hall of Fame, George Washington University, 2016. He has served on the Washington Committee on the Arts, and on the John F Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts Circles Board, Visiting  Committee for the Case School of Engineering (CWRU), the Century Club Board, the Fairfax County Advisory Board of the George Mason Bank, the George Mason University (GMU) Entrepreneurship Center Advisory Board, and the Industry Advisory Board of the Department of Systems Engineering & Operations Research (GMU). He was President of the Rondelay Civic Association and President of the Association for Small Research, Engineering, and Technical Services Companies (ASRET).

            Dr. McNichols is co-author of the textbook Operations Research in Decision Making (1975); contributed chapters of several books, and has been a frequent presenter at national and international conferences on Operations Research/Management Science, Balanced Scorecard and other management techniques, Y2K, Risk Analysis and Cost and Financial Analysis. He is listed in several national and international publications including Whos Who in America.

             Dr. McNichols has been an adjunct professor at George Mason University and The George Washington University as well as a guest lecturer at University of Maryland and American University. He holds an Sc.D. in Systems Engineering, an MS in Operations Research, and a BS (Honors) in Management Science.

Dr. McNichols is available to help your firm grow.

McNichols & McNichols * 426 Handley Blvd. * Winchester * Virginia * 22601